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Become a Partner


  • One of the primary goals of Impact Las Vegas is to ensure that 100% of each Member’s $1,000 donation passes through directly to the annual Impact Las Vegas Grants to nonprofits. In order to achieve this goal, we graciously accept donations from individuals and local businesses to underwrite the organization’s overhead expenses, either monetarily or in kind. We honor those who provide this type of underwritten support with the title of “Partner.”

    We keep our overhead costs low by using an all-volunteer staff to manage the organization. There are necessary expenses, however, such as costs for legal filings, marketing (printing of brochures and forms), website design and maintenance, liability insurance, etc.

We welcome donations from individuals and local businesses to offset these organizational expenses. Those of you who become a “Partner” of Impact Las Vegas help ensure that 100 percent of each member’s $1,000 donation passes directly into the pooled Members’ money for our annual Grants.

  • Just as with the Members’ donations, 100% of all Partner contributions are also tax-deductible.

    Partners of Impact Las Vegas may be individuals or companies who do not meet the Membership eligibility requirements and/or who donate less than the $1,000 level for full Membership to the organization. In addition, we seek in-kind donations for services and supplies and sponsorships for expenses such as meeting rooms, stationery, printing, web site hosting, legal and/or other professional services.

There are many ways to help Impact Las Vegas, in addition to Membership.  Here are just a few:

Become a Partner of Impact Las Vegas  – as a friend, your donation helps to cover overhead expenses related to the infrastructure of the organization – i.e. audit, insurance, website hosting, etc.

Become an Impact Las Vegas Sponsor Partner – help to underwrite expenses associated with events

In kind donations – copying and printing services, event planning, public relations expertise, flowers, catering, etc. are appreciated to help keep overhead expenses low

Refer a friend, colleague, family member, etc. – word of mouth is the most effective way to help Impact Las Vegas to give out more grants, by increasing Membership.

  • All operating donation gifts are sincerely appreciated and may be recognized in various ways, depending upon the level of support. All Impact Las Vegas Partner donations of $100 or more are recognized in our annual report to members. Additional recognition occurs at additional levels.

    Unlike Members, Partners and other donors do not have voting rights and are not eligible to participate on Member Committee. However, depending upon the level of support, they may be invited to Membership recruitment events and to join Members at the Annual Meeting in June to celebrate the award of the Impact Las Vegas Grant(s).

To make an Impact Las Vegas Partner donation, just fill out and submit the Partner Donation Form (by clicking below), write a check (payable to Impact Las Vegas), or click on the Donate button to authorize a credit card payment.  To donate in-kind products or services, please provide contact information and an Impact Las Vegas Member will follow up with you to coordinate the donation.

For more information or additional explanation, please contact us at

  • Family Partners
    Family Partners

Family members who do not qualify for Membership may be involved by becoming a Family Partner.

What is a Family Partner?  Whenever a Member donates more than the required $1,000 Membership donation per year (i.e., donates $1,100 with $100 going to operating expenses or $1,200 with an additional $100 for the annual Members Award), their spouse, significant other, child, etc. may be designated a Family Partner.

We invite spouses and significant others to attend our Annual Meeting to witness our Grant Award process and share in celebrating our recipient.  Family Partners may also participate AND they have the added responsibility/benefit to help count the votes of our Membership.

Additional benefits include:

•    Recognition in our Annual Report to Members each year.
•    Recognition at our Annual Meeting.
•    Featured article in our Impact Las Vegas  newsletter and social media.
•    Invited to our Celebrate Our Impact! event.
•    Invited to a Family Partner and Member only event.

Members designate their Family Partner on their annual Membership Commitment Form.  Donations may be made using the Donate button above.