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  • Family Promise of Las Vegas opened their doors in 1996 and was one of the only family shelters in Clark County which could keep a family together with no separation while receiving services. They still hold fast to this commitment today. Since 1996 they have expanded their capacity to serve more families each year through rental assistance and eviction prevention programs, Financial Management and Good Tenancy workshops.

    With a $95,000 grant from Impact Las Vegas, Family Promise of Las Vegas will be able to provide temporary childcare funding assistance for families in their Motel Shelter Program who are unable to afford childcare while looking for full-time employment and / or while waiting for other public and private subsidized childcare applications to be approved. This program is designed to enable parents to secure childcare immediately upon entering their program which in turn enables them to seek employment and go to job interviews.

    Family Promise of Las Vegas case managers have identified childcare and employment as two of the major obstacles homeless families struggle with: A parent cannot work if they do not have childcare and parents cannot afford to pay for childcare if they are not employed and making a livable wage. Family Promise of Las Vegas will partner with local childcare facilities near the motels where they place the families in their program and payment will be paid directly to the childcare facility. It is anticipated that more than 240 children will be served by this Grant Award.