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  • Our Impact -- FY 2016/2017
    Our Impact -- FY 2016/2017

    In 2017, our Members granted $24,000 to Future Smiles to fund Protect Our Smiles (P.O.S). 100% of the funding for the project P.O.S. will be used for to provide the children at three elementary schools in the Las Vegas Valley: Hollingsworth, Martinez and Tate, with dental sealants. An oral health screening will first be conducted to assess the child’s dental health, and then sealants will be placed on available first molars (up to four). Children will receive follow-up visits to reevaluate oral health and sealant integrity. Funding from Impact Las Vegas also integrates a substantial measure of child-level impact into this project, producing annual and final reports for the further development of this program. This critical report will be the first of its kind.