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  • Our Impact -- FY 2013/2014 Grant Award
    Our Impact -- FY 2013/2014 Grant Award

    In 2014, our Members awarded our inaugural grant of $13,000 to fund supplies for health screenings, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol, as well as oral healthcare exams, at the community health fairs the pharmacy and nursing students at Roseman University of Health Sciences conduct each year, at no cost to the public, as part of their community outreach program. Over 2,600 vaccinations and more than 3,000 health screenings have been done at 60 + free health fairs throughout the valley in the past two years. More than 600 Southern Nevadans with out-of-range values, some with life-threatening results, were identified and then educated about their conditions, told about treatment options available to them and referred to medical practitioners for follow-up care.