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  • To qualify for an Impact Las Vegas grant, an organization must be classified as a “public charity” with tax-exempt status under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509 (a) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, operate within and provide services in Southern Nevada (or be a recognized chapter of a State, regional, or national nonprofit serving this area).

    The full amount of the grant must be used within 24 months to fund a project or program that targets a specific population in Southern Nevada for a specific duration and with specific measureable goals. Applicant organizations need not be based in Southern Nevada, but the proposed project or program must be implemented in Southern Nevada and serve the residents of Southern Nevada. The project may be a capital project, new program, an expansion of an existing program, or a collaborative effort of several agencies.

Additional eligibility requirements may be defined by Impact Las Vegas and will continue to evolve as the organization grows.  Impact Las Vegas reserves the right to change eligibility criteria from year-to-year with or without notice.


Impact Las Vegas will not fund grants for any of the following activities or expenditures:

  • General operating expenses or overhead
  • Debt reduction or operational deficits
  • Grants to individuals
  • Endowment funding
  • Interim or bridge funding
  • Partisan, legislative, or political activity
  • Projects of individual churches, religious organizations or bodies of worship that are intended to benefit only their specific denominations or congregations, or are exclusive with respect to others of differing beliefs.
  • Private foundations
  • Annual appeals or fundraising drives, activities or events
  • General capital campaigns unrelated to a specific project or program
  • Advertising


  • All applicants must first submit a letter of inquiry.
  • Applicants approved to continue with the process will be invited to submit the approved Impact Las Vegas grant application.
  • The grant must fund a new or existing project or program that targets a specific need in the community.
  • The project or program to be funded must be implemented in and serve the residents of Southern Nevada.
  • Submitting grant organizations should have been in operation for a minimum of 24 months and have an operating budget sufficient to confirm the organization’s ability to manage the project or program.
  • All grant requests must be in the amount of the grant amount defined as available by Impact Las Vegas (i.e., if we have 106 members by December 31st, the resulting grant award available may be $106,000 or if we end the calendar year with 202 members, Impact Las Vegas may award two $101,000 grants).
  • Successful grant recipients must expend funds within 24 months of grant award
  • Grant applicants acknowledge that if the organization is selected to receive funding, they will be subject to periodic reports regarding the use of grant funds, their compliance with the terms of the grant, and the progress made towards achieving the goals of the grants.
  • The successful grant recipient will be responsible for the expenditure of funds and for maintaining adequate records consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. Periodic reporting on the use of these funds will also be a requirement and the organization further agrees to make the grant fund financial records available to Impact Las Vegas for inspection at reasonable times from grant acceptance through completion of the project/program.
  • An organization that has received a grant of $100,000 or more from Impact Las Vegas may not reapply in the following two years.

Focus Areas:

Impact Las Vegas accepts grant applications for the following focus areas:

Culture:  Initiatives, projects or programs that cultivate, develop and enhance the cultural and/or artistic climate in Southern Nevada.

Education:  Initiatives, projects, or programs that further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adult residents of Southern Nevada.

Environment:  Initiatives, projects or programs that aim to preserve or improve natural resources, encourage conservation, and/or that restore, preserve, revitalize or enhance historical facilities or surroundings of the Southern Nevada area.

Family:  Initiatives, projects or programs that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families in the Southern Nevada area.

Health & Wellness:  Initiatives, projects or programs that improve the mental and/or physical well-being of people living in Southern Nevada.