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Our Beginning


Impact Las Vegas is modeled on Impact 100, an organization created in Cincinnati Ohio in 2002. There are now more than 35 Impact organizations in cities throughout the US and 5 in Australia.  These organizations have given grants totaling more than $45,000,000; improving their communities and empowering and educating women in the process.

  • Impact Las Vegas started as a wish to mean more; to make a bigger difference in the community than one woman could do alone. Maureen Romito, a Las Vegas resident for more than thirty years, founded Impact Las Vegas in 2012 after hearing about and meeting with Rebecca Powers, the founder of a similar and highly successfully organization, Impact Austin. Maureen was joined in the founding by Helen Brom and Dori Johnson. Impact Las Vegas is incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of Nevada. Recognition by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization was granted on February 21, 2013.