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Conflict of Interest


We are committed to acting with integrity in all of our relationships, and to selecting our grant recipients through an honest and fair process. In support of this commitment, our conflict of interest policy requires disclosure of relationships between our board and committee members with any grant applicant or potential grant applicant. Generally, Impact Las Vegas’ policy recognizes the potential for conflict of interest and safeguards against them by requiring any board or committee member to excuse herself from the discussion and/or vote on any topic where a conflict arises.

Members who are serving on the board or a committee of Impact Las Vegas will be formally required to disclose potential conflicts of interest. However, Impact Las Vegas expects all members to act in an objective and fair manner. In particular, members are expected to refrain from any attempt to gain an unfair advantage for any particular grant applicant by, among other things, disclosing confidential information and/or attempting to persuade other members of Impact Las Vegas to vote for such grant applicant.