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What We Do


Impact Las Vegas awards large grants to local nonprofits funding projects or programs benefitting Southern Nevadans and thereby providing these community organizations with the resources to accomplish extraordinary things. 

These grants are funded by pooling membership donations.  Each member donates $1,000 per year. Individual donations are then multiplied by the number of other members in the organization at the end of each year.  The only membership requirements are to be female and to donate $1,000 each year by December 31st.

One hundred percent of member donations are returned to the community in the form of grants.

In May the following year each Impact Las Vegas member casts one vote to determine the nonprofit grant recipients for that year.

Grant applications are accepted in each of the focus areas: culture, education, environment, family, or health & wellness. Members may volunteer to serve on a grant committee to review letters of inquiry and grant applications, participate in semi-finalist site visits, and recommend finalists. 

Although members will have opportunities to volunteer on committees, no time commitment is required of a member other than to review the finalists and vote for the grant recipients. Ultimately the number and amount of our annual grants depends upon the number of members we have at the end of each calendar year.

Collective giving means that each individual donation is making a much bigger impact than what an individual may be able to do on her own.  And a member knows exactly how her donation is being used to make our community a better place.