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Application Process


Impact Las Vegas has a four-step application process.

Step One – Submit A Letter of Inquiry

Each applicant must complete the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and submit via our online portal, SlideRoom, along with a copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter confirming the organization’s nonprofit status.

Letters of Inquiry are due in early February of each year.  Impact Las Vegas reserves the right to reject a Letter of Inquiry for any reason, including a missed deadline, incomplete information, or for not following all instructions.

Volunteer members will review the Letters of Inquiry, focusing on the funding request for the organization's project or program expansion. Following this review, grant applicant organizations will be chosen to proceed with step two of our grant process.

Invited applicants will be notified as soon as possible that they have been chosen to continue on with the grant process.  All organizations submitting LOI's will be notified of their process status at the same time.  We anticipate this occurring by the end of February. 


Step Two – Submit A Grant Application

Each applicant invited by Impact Las Vegas to continue with the application process will be sent a link to our online Grant Application, and must submit all required information and attachments by the deadline. Only those organizations chosen to submit will be considered at this phase of the process. 

The Grant Application is due by the end of March of each year. Any applications submitted via a different method, not using the required format, or incomplete will not be considered.

Step Three – Site Visits

Impact Las Vegas Grant Review Committees will review all grant applications and will select semi-finalists.  Committee members will then contact the semi-finalist organizations to schedule a site visit to occur sometime around mid- April  Organizations not selected as semi-finalist candidates will also be notified of their status during this time period.

The objective of the site visits is to complete a general due diligence review and to investigate and resolve any remaining questions regarding the organization or the proposed program or project.  We anticipate that a site visit will take approximately 60 minutes of dedicated time and we request the participation of the executive director, the project/program manager, a board member and a financial representative.  A schedule and agenda will be suggested prior to the visit.

Step Four – Final Decision Process

At least two Finalists will be selected no later than the end of April of each year.  Information about each finalist will be made available to all Impact Las Vegas members as soon as possible following their selection.  Representatives from each of the finalist organizations will be invited to the Impact Las Vegas May Annual Meeting to make a short presentation about their project or program to all of the members.  Impact Las Vegas members will then vote by individual ballot at the annual meeting or by absentee ballot to select the grant recipient(s).  The voting results will be tabulated and announced that evening.

Impact Las Vegas is committed to acting with integrity in all of our relationships, and to selecting our grant recipients through an honest and fair process. To that end, we have adopted a formal Conflict of Interest policy for all of our members.  We respectively request all grant-seeking organizations to honor our policy and refrain from calling or contacting Impact Las Vegas members during the grant selection process, particularly Grant Review Committee members.  All members are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the grant process.

Focus Areas:

Impact Las Vegas accepts grant applications for the following focus areas:

Culture:  Initiatives, projects or programs that cultivate, develop and enhance the cultural and/or artistic climate in Southern Nevada.

Education:  Initiatives, projects, or programs that further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adult residents of Southern Nevada.

Environment:  Initiatives, projects or programs that aim to preserve or improve natural resources, encourage conservation, and/or that restore, preserve, revitalize or enhance historical facilities or surroundings of the Southern Nevada area.

Family:  Initiatives, projects or programs that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families in the Southern Nevada area.

Health & Wellness:  Initiatives, projects or programs that improve the mental and/or physical well-being of people living in Southern Nevada.