Our Mission:

Impact Las Vegas empowers women by giving collectively in a way that positively transforms our community.


Our Goal:

Our goal is to offer women of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and participate in transformational grant making, giving each of us the ability to make a visible difference in the lives of Southern Nevadans.

Our goal as an organization is to recruit members by December 31, of each year so that our grant may be awarded at our annual meeting the following June. We have an ultimate goal of 100 members so that the organization may be able to award annual $100,000 grants.

Who We Are:

Impact Las Vegas is a nonprofit women’s philanthropic giving circle based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Membership in Impact Las Vegas consists of women who donate $1,000 each year. Donations are pooled to fund an annual grant to an organization in one of five focus areas:  culture, education, environment, family, or health & wellness.

Impact Las Vegas provides women with the opportunity to have a transformational impact on local, worthy causes by pooling individual $1,000 donations into annual grants.

What We Do:

Impact Las Vegas requires members to donate $1,000 per year. Member donations are due by December 31st of each year. The only membership requirements are to be female and to donate $1,000 each year.

One hundred percent of member donations are returned to the community in the form of grants.

In June the following year Impact Las Vegas members each cast one vote to determine the nonprofit grant recipients for that year.

Grant applications are accepted in each of the focus areas: culture, education, environment, family, or health & wellness.

Members may volunteer to serve on a focus area grant committee to review grant applications and recommend finalists in each area. Although members will have opportunities to volunteer on committees, no time commitment is required other than to review the finalists and vote for the grant recipients. Ultimately the number of annual grants depends upon the number of members.

Our Beginning:

Impact Las Vegas started as a wish to mean more; to make a bigger difference in the community than one woman could do alone.  Maureen Romito, a Las Vegas resident for more than thirty years, founded Impact Las Vegas in 2012 after hearing about and meeting with Rebecca Powers, the founder of a similar and highly successfully organization, Impact Austin.  Maureen was joined in the founding by Helen Brom and Dori Johnson and a little later by Jennifer Markewich-Jones and in March 2012, Impact Las Vegas was incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of Nevada.  Recognition by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization was granted on February 21, 2013, with an effective date of March 1, 2012.

Our members are our sales force. Membership socials are hosted by current and potential members to encourage friends, family, and professional colleagues to share our mission and join Impact Las Vegas. Each new member and potential member is encouraged to attend, hold, host or underwrite a membership event.

Impact Las Vegas is modeled on Impact 100, an organization created in Cincinnati Ohio in 2002. There are now eighteen Impact organizations in cities throughout the U.S. These organizations have given grants totaling more than $29,000,000; improving their communities and empowering and educating women in the process.

Impact Las Vegas members have opportunities to learn about their community through the annual grant review and award process. Through active participation on grant committees they learn more about the work of local organizations and charities, help create new solutions for community problems and see the human face of the projects we fund.

About FAQ’s

What is Impact Las Vegas?

Impact Las Vegas is a nonprofit philanthropic organization whose assets consist of the combined energy, talent and affordable annual financial commitment of its members – Southern Nevada women. Our purpose is to recruit, organize, motivate and coordinate the membership, empowering them to thoughtfully and professionally solicit and evaluate grant applications from worthy community charities and to annually award one or more grants to successful applicants.

Impact Las Vegas is modeled on Impact 100, an organization created in Cincinnati Ohio in 2002. There are now eighteen Impact organizations in cities throughout the U.S. These organizations have given grants totaling more than $29,000,000; improving their communities and empowering and educating women in the process.

How does it work?

Impact Las Vegas is a nonprofit women’s philanthropic giving circle based in Las Vegas, Nevada that awards high impact grants to eligible nonprofits organizations in Southern Nevada.  Impact Las Vegas does this by:

  1. Attracting and engaging enthusiastic members who each donate $1,000
  2. Educating members about community issues and nonprofit organizations serving the Southern Nevada area
  3. Encouraging members to volunteer and review nonprofit grant proposals from organizations in five focus areas and submit finalist recommendations to all members
  4. Awarding at least one annual grant to a local nonprofit chosen by each member’s equal vote.

Why does Impact Las Vegas give the entire amount to a single nonprofit organization?

We want to make an extraordinary impact. By funding a large grant, we can make a big impact in a selected area and have a significant effect on the lives of our fellow Southern Nevadans. In addition, when a nonprofit pieces together a large amount from, say, 10 different grants, that nonprofit incurs reporting requirements and related administrative costs for each of those grants. By giving one large grant, we can have more of an impact and keep costs low for the grant recipient.

What types of issues does Impact Las Vegas support?

Impact Las Vegas grants awards in five focus areas;

Is my donation to Impact Las Vegas tax deductible?

Yes, Impact Las Vegas is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

How much of my donation goes towards grants versus administrative operating costs?

100% of the $1,000 membership donation is awarded in grants to nonprofit organizations in Southern Nevada.

How does Impact Las Vegas pay for administrative operating costs?

As a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Nevada, Impact Las Vegas is committed to keeping administrative and fundraising expenses low.  We have no paid staff members.  We keep our overhead costs low by using an all-volunteer staff to manage the organization. Members have the choice to become actively involved in a committee or as a board member.

Administrative expenses are covered by interest earned on the collective fund and by the second type of donation, Operating Donations.  Operating Donations may be made by members who donate more than the $1,000 membership donation and by friends of Impact Las Vegas. Members may participate, for example, as a “110% Member.” The additional $100 offsets necessary operating expenses, such as a financial audit cost, insurance, website, mailings, etc. Members may also “double their impact” if they work for a company with a Matching Gift program. The additional funds received from a matching gift program will be designated as an operating donation.  Friends of Impact Las Vegas may be individuals or companies who do not meet the membership eligibility requirements and/or who donate more or less than the $1,000 level for full membership to the organization. In addition, we seek in-kind donations for services and supplies such as stationery, printing, web site support and hosting, legal and/or other professional services.

Impact Las Vegas Foundation, Inc.  is a Nevada nonprofit corporation exempt from federal taxes under U.S. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  All contributions may be tax deductible pursuant to the provisions of section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. EIN:  45-4759782